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Quality Control

Nantong Chaoli Rolling Machine is a plate rolling equipment manufacturer incepted in 1997. To ensure the quality of our rolling machinery and make them traceable, we have set up an archive system to record the production process, and have introduced many professional testing instruments for strict inspection.

Chaoli has established a complete set of quality inspection system for the raw materials, the semi-finished products, as well as the finished plate rolling machines.

Quality Control System in Chaoli

1. Raw material control
All of the raw materials for producing plate processing machineries including forging rollers, steel plates, motors, electrical and hydraulic components are from well-known international brands.

2. High-precision processing equipment
We have employed a large number of high-precision equipment in the plate roller production line, such as CNC lathe, floor-type milling and boring machine, shaping machine, drilling machine, boring machine and so on.

3. Testing instruments
A variety of testing instruments are adopted in Chaoli to inspect the performance of our sheet metal processing equipment, shown are respectively the spectrometer, the Brinell hardness tester, the tensile testing machine, and the ultrasonic diagnostic unit.

4. Motivated employees
a. Li Ming, one of the QC inspectors, has been working in Chaoli for over 20 years. He focuses on each testing step to ensure a 100% pass rate.
b. Li Senling, a chief engineer with a doctoral degree, has accumulated 25 year's machinery designing experience. He has ever developed hundreds of non-standard mechanical devices.
c. Gao Lin, a minister of the production department, possesses over 19 year's working experience. Under his reasonable arrangement, we can always finish the production tasks 4-5 days before the deadline.