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3-Roll Plate Bending Machine

    1. 1000mm~2000mm 3-Roll Plate Rolling and Bending Machine3 roll mechanical asymmetrical plate bending machine is characterized by its 3 asymmetrically-arranged working rolls (an upper roll, a lower roll and a side roll). During operation, the plate is arranged between the upper and lower rolls and clamped tightly as the lower roll moves vertically.
    1. 1500mm~3000mm 3-Roll Plate Rolling and Bending MachineThe 3-roll mechanical symmetrical plate bending machine has 3 symmetrically-arranged rolls and the upper roller is located at center of two lower rolls. A worm and gear drive and a screw rod and screw auxiliary drive are used to drive the upper roll to move vertically.
    1. 2000mm~6000mm Upper Roller Metal Plate Rolling and Bending MachineThe upper roller universal rolling machine can pre-bend the ends of plate with one time loading. It can roll cylindrical, conical and arc, and other types of workpieces. To improve the production capacity we have employed the PLC system for this plate bending machinery.
    1. 2000mm~3000mm Hydraulic Metal Plate Rolling and Bending MachineIn this way we will get the plate with required shapes such as cylinder, taper cylinder or arc, etc. Disadvantage of this kind of hydraulic plate rolling machine is that the end of plate could not be bent in advance, but it can realize that when checking the roundness.
    1. 2000mm~3000mm 3-Roll Horizontal Plate Rolling and Bending MachineThe adjustable plate bending machine is able to perform pre-bending upon the plate ends and roll the metal plate to a specified shape with one time loading without reversing it. Its 3 rollers are all driving rolls, with both the vertical motion of the upper roller and the horizontal motion of 2 lower rollers driven hydraulically.
    1. 8000mm~12000mm 3-Roll Steel Plate Rolling and Bending MachineThis 3-roll marine plate rolling machine adopts a 3-roller symmetrical structure. Its upper roller makes vertical movement at a symmetrical position in the center between the two lower rollers. With the oil in the hydraulic cylinder acting upon the piston, the whole system is driven hydraulically.
    1. 6000mm~9000mm 3-Roll Metal Plate Rolling and Bending MachineThe horizontal movement is done through the torques between the lead screw cabinet, the worm and the structure of screw and worm. Bending and rolling operations for the metal plate are done with the torque provided by the lower roller, on the lower side of which some support rollers are specially set for vertical adjustment.