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Sheet Metal Processing Machine

    1. Sheet Metal Shearing MachineThe hydraulic swing beam shear is designed with a fully-welded steel structure and a hydraulic transmission system. A vibration device is set to eliminate stress of the plate. These factors have enabled the plate shearing machine to show good performance in strength and rigidity.
    1. Hydraulic Press BrakeHydraulic bending machines are classified into upper tool moving and lower tool moving types according to their moving manner. A press brake machine is generally comprised of a bracket, a working table and a clamping plate; wherein the working table consisted of a base and a press plate is arranged on the bracket.
    1. Sheet Metal Levelling MachinePlate flattening machine is specially used for flattening or levelling sheet metal. It is able to flatten single sheet independently. To form a complete production line, decoiling and plate receiving structure is arranged in front of the equipment, and shearing, stacking and coupling parts can be set behind.
    1. Hydraulic PressHydrostatic press is a machine utilizing liquid as the actuating medium to transfer energy and to realize a specific process. Apart from plate forging, hydraulic press is also used for straightening, mounting, briquetting, plate pressing, plate bending, and plate straightening, etc.